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Firtash Names Avakov Among Those Standing Behind Arson Of Inter TV Channel

Firtash Names Avakov Among Those Standing Behind Arson Of Inter TV Channel

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Chairman of the Board of Directors of Group DF Dmytro Firtash names Interior Minister Arsen Avakov among those standing behind the arson of the Inter television channel.

Dmytro Firtash gave the position in an interview with the RBK-Ukraine outlet, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"I assess the case as intimidation. The specific political party stands behind this intimidation. All names of those standing behind this are known, starting with Avakov and ending with all the others from the People's Front," said Firtash.

Firtash said he was providing his own investigation to clear up all circumstances of the case.

"We are holding our own investigation. It is very important to understand what really happened. I want people to undergo punishment for what they did. I want people to acknowledge that the law exists. Are there any questions to the channel? We have the National Council for television and radio broadcasting, we have courts. Go and sue, we will have to answer. Are you right? Am I right? Let a court decide, I have no objections. But this way, arson - no one can do this," he said.

He also dismissed a theory alleging that the television channel staged the arson.

"This theory about a staged arson is absolutely untrue. A presumption of this sort can appear in mind of a person with sick imagination - setting on fire the news room. There were people there, more than 20 people! They could have burnt," he said.

Firtash stresses he does not interfere in the editorial policy and managerial issues of the television channel.

He says he does not consider the news reports of the channel being pro-Russian.

"If we speak about the editorial policy, there are no pro-Russian reports on the channel, these are Ukrainian reports. The thing is there are people who do not want to listen to what the reports of Inter uncover. They do not want to be responsible for the actions they do, for the policy they carry. In fact, they carry the policy leading them and the country to a collapse," he said.

He emphasizes that Inter presents an alternative picture of the developments in the country and some politicians in the government may not like it, but the ratings of the television channel indicate that the channel is interesting and Ukrainians need it.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, 15 unknown persons in balaclavas on September 4 tried to seize and set on fire the office of Inter TV channel in Kyiv.

The Shevchenkivskyi District Court of Kyiv has ordered the Security Service of Ukraine to open a criminal proceeding since the assault on National Information Systems limited liability company in Kyiv in September.

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has ordered Prosecutor General Yurii Lutsenko to take the investigation into the case on the assault on the office of the Inter television channel under personal supervision.

Internal Affairs Minister Arsen Avakov called for depriving Inter TV channel of license because he disliked its work.

As at December 31, 2015, Inter TV channel, as well as Enter Film and Pixel, are 45% owned by Valerii Khoroshkovskyi, 36% by Dmitry Firtash, 10% by Svitlana Pluzhnikova (Member of Parliament Ihor Pluzhnikov's widow) and 9% by Serhii Liovochkin.

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