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Kvartal-95 Studio Agrees To Sell Rights To 'People's Servant' TV Series To American FOX Studios

Kvartal-95 Studio Agrees To Sell Rights To 'People's Servant' TV Series To American FOX Studios

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The Kvartal 95 studio has agreed to sell the rights to the "People's Servant" television series to Fox Studios (United States).

The Kvartal 95 studio's Artistic Director Volodymyr Zelenskyi announced this at a conference during the Kyiv Media Week, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"The main area in which we have been working in recent years finally paid off this year - the Fox company has bought the 'People's Servant,' and it intends to make it. I think that is now an unequivocal success for our team. Today, we will sign an agreement for one season with the Americans and 'Kvartal 95 Ukraine' will be indicated everywhere," Zelenskyi said.

He added that the studio was continuing work on feature films.

The studio has already filmed eight feature films and is currently working on filming the ninth.

According to Zelenskyi, the Imagine company will produce and make the series in the United States.

Zelenskyi did not disclose the expected revenue from the sale of the rights to the television series, but he did say that this deal would bring the Kvartal 95 studio more profit than the sale of a similar television.

Fox Studios, along with the Fox Broadcasting Company, is a subsidiary of the US-based 21st Century Fox transnational media holding company.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the Kvartal 95 studio recently withdrew its projects from a competition for state financial support for film projects, which was organized by the State Cinema Agency.

According to Zelenskyi, the studio withdrew from the competition because of objections by the National Television Council's Vice President Olha Herasymiuk, who called the company "a beggar."

Zelenskyi emphasized that the company intended to implement these projects without using public funds.

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