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The Vadym Stolar Foundation is launching a grant program worth 1,000,000 hryvnias

The Vadym Stolar Foundation is launching a grant program worth 1,000,000 hryvnias

Vadym Stolar, Vadym Stolar Foundation

The Vadym Stolar Charitable Foundation is launching a grant program for the implementation of projects to support the military and Ukrainians affected by the war. Non-profit organizations registered on the territory of Ukraine can take part in the program, according to a message on the Foundation's website.

"If you have ideas for implementation or ongoing projects in the areas of social support and assistance to military personnel and citizens affected by the war, the Foundation provides an opportunity to receive a grant within the budget of 1,000,000 hryvnias," the Foundation informs.

"The grant program is another initiative in a number of our important projects aimed at restoring Ukraine and supporting people. I am sure that today it is extremely necessary to financially help those organizations that are able to take on the burden of rehabilitation of wounded heroes and war-affected citizens in this difficult time, to organize social support for those who need it. This is a new direction of work for us, but I believe that only together, with joint efforts, we will be able to win victory, restore the country and bring back the joy of life to people after everything that has happened", emphasizes the founder of the Foundation Vadym Stolar.

It should be noted that earlier the Fund conducted a survey among the target audience and based on the results determined the priority areas of projects for the grant program:

  • crisis psychological assistance and support for military personnel who participated in measures to repel the armed aggression of the Russian Federation, citizens who suffered as a result of the war;
  • opening of rehabilitation centers, offices for physical and psychological recovery of soldiers who were injured, which led to limitation of vital activities and health;
  • social support for citizens affected by the war through the implementation of projects to provide food, medicine and basic necessities.

The Charitable Fund emphasizes that only non-profit organizations registered on the territory of Ukraine in accordance with the legislation and entered into the register of non-profit institutions and organizations can apply for participation. Namely: charitable, public organizations, charitable foundations, including international ones.

For a comprehensive list of required documents, deadlines for submitting and considering applications, and detailed conditions for participation in the grant program, see the website of the Vadym Stolar Foundation

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