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The Tolk Energy Group signed the Memorandum with UN Global Compact on joint anti-corruption actions in Ukraine

The Tolk Energy Group signed the Memorandum with UN Global Compact on joint anti-corruption actions in Ukraine


The Tolk Energy Group joined the Initiative of the UN Global Compact on Joint Anti-Corruption Actions in Ukraine. The official signing of the Memorandum took place on International Anti-Corruption Day, established by the United Nation.

"Combating and preventing all forms of corruption is an integral part of the corporate culture of the Tolk Group companies," Iryna Beresneva, director of Avgusta L.L.C., a Tolk Group member, said at the signing of the Memorandum. "All the companies of our Group introduce relationships of maximum transparency and trust into the business life of consumers and partners without any hint of improper and incorrect attitude to work issues of energy supply."

The Memorandum covers not only specific anti-corruption measures but also introduces standards for working with employees and contractors. Furthermore, all participants of the Initiative, including representatives of specialised public organisations, state companies, small and large businesses, and in particular, the energy market, undertook to strictly comply with the provisions of the Memorandum, anti-corruption legislation of Ukraine, international rules and principles built on zero tolerance for corruption.

"We all have to realise once and for all that corruption schemes should never occur in our lives. I am sure that we can and even must apply the experience of the developed countries of Europe and Asia. Consistently, step by step, go towards the goal of making our Ukraine one of the ten most developed and successful countries in the world," Iryna Beresneva emphasised.

We will remind you that in September 2022, the Tolk Energy Group became a participant in the UN Global Compact in Ukraine. The Group directs its activity in the international community, adhering to the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact, in four directions: protection of human rights, labour relations, environmental protection and the fight against corruption.

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