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Shevchenko will be laughed at, and the clubs will be left without European cups and payments - the head of the

Shevchenko will be laughed at, and the clubs will be left without European cups and payments - the head of the AFU predicted the consequences of illegitimate elections in the Football Association

Andrii Shevchenko
Andrii Shevchenko

With the help of administrative pressure and the intervention of Security Service of Ukraine employees, in the Ukrainian Association of Football wants to hold elections and elect Andriy Shevchenko as president. However, UEFA will never recognize such a replaced head. In addition, sanctions against Ukrainian clubs are also possible. Oleh Pechernyi, the Chairman of the Association of Footballers of Ukraine, announced this on his Facebook page.

"Andrii Shevchenko can become our local Ukrainian non-legitimate, that is, not recognized by the international football community, president of the Ukrainian Association Football (UAF). Everything is leading to this. According to my information, the heads of regional associations are now under enormous pressure. The SSU is rushing to them with subpoenas their children, demanding the holding of the reporting and election congress of the UAF, according to the results of which Shevchenko should take Pavelko's seat.

But the directors of this script did not take into account the main thing. UEFA will never recognize such elections. Shevchenko will become a laughing stock. The whole world will discuss how, breaking football rules, regulations, the UAF statute and international norms, he climbed into this power," Pechernyi wrote.

He explained that by refusing to recognize the elections held under pressure, UEFA will protect itself and its interests.

"I do not defend Pavelko. The history of our conflicts is too public to enroll me as his lawyer. And UEFA, refusing to recognize the UAF elections, will not defend Pavelko either. UEFA will primarily defend itself. The democracy of its activities and the equal requirements of compliance with all national associations.

UEFA perfectly understands that if it allows a precedent of interference by the authorities of any state in the work of a national association and recognizes illegitimate elections, it will open Pandora's box. The principle of legitimacy of public organizations, on which their independence and authority rests, will be violated," explained Pechernyi.

But the most important thing, according to the Chairman of the Association of Footballers of Ukraine, is that in case of falsification of the election process and violation of the already issued decisions of the UAF executive committee, sanctions will be applied to our clubs, they will be excluded from the European Cups with the deprivation of all payments.

In the end, Pechernyi expressed hope that those who are currently trying to organize illegal elections in the UAF will have the sense to stop.

"I would like to remind you that UEFA rules prohibit even courts of general jurisdiction from interfering in football matters, not to mention SSU employees who crowd delegates. And attention! They are busy with this during the full-scale war in Ukraine! I hope those who brewed this porridge will have enough sense to stop and prevent the catastrophic humiliation of Ukraine in the eyes of the international football community. And if it is not enough, then you can simply liquidate UEFA by the decision of the hand-held Pecherskyi or some Lviv court," he added.

We will remind, as the President of the Team of Journalists of Ukraine, Olha Vytak, said yesterday, the heads of regional football associations write protocols on convening the UAF congress under pressure in the offices of the military administrations and the Security Service of Ukraine. And there have already been at least six such cases.

According to football journalist Ihor Burbas, Andriy Shevchenko has already been nominated as a candidate for the upcoming UAF snap elections. This was done by Viktor Mezheiko, a member of the former "Party of Regions".