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"Unity Is the Key to Victory" was Platform for Life and Peace response to petition to strip its MPs of mandate

"Unity Is the Key to Victory" was Platform for Life and Peace response to petition to strip its MPs of mandates

Verkhovna Rada

"Platform for Life and Peace" group in Ukrainian parliament has responded to the petition to strip its MPs of mandates. They group said "Unity is the key to Ukraine's victory".

Below is the statement in full

"Parliamentary Group "Platform for Life and Peace" considers unity of all Ukrainians a must for Ukraine to win. Unfortunately, it is not a unanimous opinion within the parliament. Political provocateurs are trying to prevent the work of our Parliamentary Group in parliament and our allies in local councils via baseless allegations, unconstitutional requests and communist-style calls for “collective responsibility”.  They have chosen the path of spreading hatred, attempts of unconstitutional legislation and different “petitions”. 

We all know well, that in reality they are taking advantage of the extremely difficult situation in the country and use dirty tricks in an attempt to get rid of their political opponents.  They have lost their “golden share” and are now desperate to return their influence over voting in Parliament. 

Platform for Life and Peace Parliamentary Group is denying all allegations raised by the petitions. Since the very beginning of the Russian aggression our colleagues clearly stated their patriotic position. We are working  and fighting in order for Ukraine to win.  Since the beginning of the war together with other factions and parliamentary groups we have passed hundreds laws and other legislative acts needed for our country to win. Our colleagues are fighting on the frontline and with territorial defense units. We are helping people in the areas that have suffered from war. Over a million Ukrainian have received humanitarian aid due to our efforts. We understand the life of our voters and protects their interest whatever it takes.

Yuriy Boyko, the Platform’s Leader, was in Ukraine during the moment of full-fledged invasion and condemned it. He remains in Ukraine.

We do not perceive any other alternatives but independent, strong and democratic Ukraine. We’re being mentioned collaborators, who used to be our colleagues. We have condemned those who had betrayed. It turned out, though, there were fewer of them with us than with other parties proudly parading  their national ideas.

We call on Ukrainian citizens to ignore the provocations of political intriguers. They weaken our society’s unity, which the enemy benefits of. The enemy is the only one with hopes for a Ukrainian society to become divided.  Remember, our unity of support for each other is a very important condition for Ukraine’s victory. 

Today are suffering from Russian missiles together. We are working and fighting for the future of our country together. And we will celebrate the victory together. Unlike our opponents, our Group is convinced that Ukrainian victory would mean strong, independent and a united country. One that is modern democracy with the freedom of speech and quality of life.

We are absolutely convinced this is exactly what Ukraine will be like", said in the statement of the "Platform for Life and Peace" group in Ukrainian parliament.

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