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Russian aggression cannot be appeased – British Foreign Office

Russian aggression cannot be appeased – British Foreign Office


Russian aggression against Ukraine cannot be appeased. Britain will continue to exert economic pressure on the Putin regime and continue to provide assistance to Ukraine.

That’s according to a commentary, provided by the British Foreign Office to Guildhall, as seen by an Ukrinform correspondent.

"In response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine the UK government has announced an unprecedented package of sanctions cutting off the funding for Putin’s war machine, inflicting economic cost at scale and demonstrating support for Ukraine along with our international partners," the statement said.

"The UK Government will continue this economic pressure against Putin and his regime and will continue to stand with Ukraine in support of its right to be a sovereign, independent and democratic nation. Russian aggression cannot be appeased. While we keep options for sanctions under review, we do not publicly discuss possible future decisions or comment on individual cases," summed up the Office.

It should be recalled that earlier the British Ministry of Defense announced that they would continue to strengthen Ukraine’s air defense system.

Also, back in April, the then Foreign Minister Liz Truss said that Ukraine needs to be armed so that it can regain Crimea and Donbas.