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Mykola Udianskyi and the international company Yoola launch the WeWay blockchain platform

Mykola Udianskyi and the international company Yoola launch the WeWay blockchain platform

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Computer. Photo: pixabay
Computer. Photo: pixabay

Only a year ago many didn’t even know what NFTs were nor why were they needed. Today, however, the NFT market has already become worth billions of dollars. All of these coins are sold on NFT marketplaces, most of which only seek to make money by exploiting the hype. But amid these platforms and sites, some give people actual benefits. An obvious example would be the WeWay platform and how it helps connect influencers with their fans.

What is an NFT

A non-Fungible Token or NFT is a non-fungible unique token that only exists in a single variant. Its authenticity is guaranteed by the fact that each one of these tokens is created on a blockchain. Thanks to this, you’ll always be able to check the originality and history of any token.

NFT technology has been thus far used in many areas. Ranging from music and art to sports or even online games.

The first experiments involving non-fungible tokens began in 2013.  However, the market did not become truly widespread until 2021.

As of August 2021, the trading volumes of NFT tokens amounted to $ 1.5 billion. Over this year’s course, the number of active users in this sector increased from 11,000 to 190,000 people.

Such rapid growth of the industry has provoked the emergence of many thematic platforms specializing in the implementation of NFT tokens. However, they rarely differ from each other and are rather fixated only on receiving a commission for the purchase/sale of unique coins.

WeWay and its new uses for NFT

Nevertheless, two companies decided to go beyond the boundaries of a simple platform for trading tokens. The companies in question are the largest international company for working with influencers Yoola and the digital holding EHold, which was founded by businessman Mykola Udianskyi.

Together, they created WeWay, a blockchain-based platform that allows influencers (bloggers and such from social media platforms such as YouTube with massive fanbases) and their fans to interact directly. To do this, they have at their disposal a special NFT marketplace with their very own fan tokens.

With both the platform’s and the WeWay tokens’ help, influencers will be able to create unique digital content and sell it to fans. This will allow them to attract additional funds for the realization of new projects, all the while fans are given the power to influence the creation process of the people they admire.

"We want to provide creators with the ideal place to try things that they've never been able to before and monetize their products through cryptocurrency", - commented Yoola’s CEO Eyal Baumel.

One of the first people to have joined WeWay is former Real Madrid footballer Sergio Carallo. He put up for sale workouts under his supervision and a selection of exclusive NFTs.

"We launched the largest platform for interaction between influencers and fans and an NFT marketplace. Payments between participants will be made via the WeWay token. These tokens will be distributed among all influencers and fans who join our network", - said Fuad Fatullayev, co-founder of WeWay.

What else is interesting about the new platform

It's worth noting that the WeWay platform is not limited to the fan token or the NFT marketplace. It also offers several unique services. One of them is the "Impressions" feature which involves the interaction of creators and fans. For example, a meeting or a joint trip.

The platform also offers the "Fundraising" and "Fan Initiatives" services. The former is the usual format of financial assistance for project participants or makers, for example, raising money to implement an idea.

The latter allows for the creation of petitions with which you can influence the creativity, content, or life of your influencer. For example, if a fan-suggested proposal gets a massive number of votes, then the influencer will pay attention to it, consider it, and maybe even do it.

WeWay’s first steps

It is also noteworthy that more than 4,000 influencers and 360 million-plus channels are Yoola's partners. Some of them are already interested in the WeWay project, while some have already started developing their own products on the new platform.

One of the first who volunteered to test WeWay was YouTube blogger Coffi, who has 7.9 million subscribers. He is going to sell 3D models of coffee mugs, do joint streams, and also personal face-times with his fans.

Another blogger whose interested was piqued by WeWay was Alexander, the owner of one of the world's largest YouTube animation channels with 7 million subscribers. With the help of a blockchain platform, he wants to create unique photo cards of characters from different games for his subscribers, as well as raise money to create a computer game.

Travel blogger Alexander Kondrashov, who has 1.5 million subscribers, has decided to keep up with his fellow YouTubers and is preparing unreleased travel cards with his autograph to sell on the platform. On top of that, his fans will also be allowed to develop a personal tour for him.

To Sum everything up

The WeWay blockchain platform has every prospect and chance of becoming one of the most popular projects in the blockchain and NFT market. All the prerequisites for this are already in place, whether it be its experienced and successful founders or the fact that the platform offers a unique idea that no one has yet implemented. There has always been a gap between content creators and their fans, and WeWay can help bridge it.

The platform now offers creators and their fans the chance to get early access to its services. In order to do that, all you have to do is leave a request on the website by applying via your mail address.

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