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130,000 policemen are on guard every day — Arsen Avakov

130,000 policemen are on guard every day — Arsen Avakov

Arsen Avakov, National Police of Ukraine
Police. Photo: instagram.com/national.police.ua
Police. Photo: instagram.com/national.police.ua

In six years of work of the National Police, more than 47 million citizens’ appeals have been processed and more than half a million crimes have been solved. The Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov said it on the Day of National Police, posted at Facebook.

"Six years ago, we began the creation of the National Police of Ukraine as a fundamentally new, high-tech, human-friendly modern police service. This is an extremely difficult task — to build a new one on the basis of the old, extremely unbalanced system, maintaining balance without losing efficiency, preserving the experience of real professionals. In six years, we have changed our personnel by 40 percent and this process will continue until today’s graduates go from lieutenant to general", — he said.

Arsen Avakov said that the National Police is a fight against crime, investigation and search, law enforcement during mass events, repulse of cyberattacks and many other operational tasks to ensure security and law in the country.

"It’s a job every day and a response to every challenge of time and society. Police maintain law and order during elections and celebrations, work in the frontline and in disaster areas, and have recently been involved in measures to combat the coronavirus pandemic. The police do not have vacations and holidays", — he stressed.

According to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, for 6 years of work employees of National police processed more than 47 million appeals of citizens, solved 562 thousand crimes, carried out almost 10 thousand special operations of KORD division, released 129 hostages, stopped activity of 1,4 thousand criminal groups and organizations, seized 23 tons of drugs, found more than 30 thousand cybercrimes, searched for and returned to parents 66 thousand children and many other things.

During this time, 56,000 police officers served in the Anti-Terrorist Operation Zone/Joint Forces Operation.

"I congratulate all 130,000 police officers of the state on the sixth anniversary of the National Police. They are on guard every day, at risk every day, every day on the front line of war: both with the enemy-aggressor of the Russian Federation, and with internal enemies. Where it is difficult, they are the first! I will do everything to strengthen the National Police of Ukraine, to keep the best to stay and come here and to keep the level of public confidence in the police constantly growing", — Arsen Avakov summed up

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