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The new invention of Kharkiv scientists allows to deliver medical care to Ukraine Joint Forces Operation fight

The new invention of Kharkiv scientists allows to deliver medical care to Ukraine Joint Forces Operation fighters more better and faster

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New development of Kharkov scientists
New development of Kharkov scientists

The new invention of Kharkiv scientists on the correction of bone fragments allows to deliver better and faster medical care to Ukrainian soldiers, as well as to victims of road accidents.

This was reported to Ukrainian News by one of the developers of the new invention, Andrew Kovalev.

According to the developers, the most successful states in the world are known by the highest duration and quality of life. Japan, Singapore, Korea - these countries are prominent not only by an economic breakthrough, but also by the leadership in the level of life expectancy.

«Unfortunately, Ukraine is still far from such standards. According to the UN life expectancy index, our state is close to Syria, Venezuela and Egypt. The lack of guaranteed high-quality medical care, armed conflict and rather high level of road accidents are the main problem», - said Kovalev.

He also noted that according to the official statistics only for 2019 year, more than 160 thousand accidents occurred in our country in which 32 thousand people were injured and almost 4 thousand died. Due to the high mortality rate, the state is losing not only human life, but also about 70 billion hryvnias and it is 2% of GDP.

Even during the lockdown, when most people are isolated, the statistic on road accidents in Ukraine grew by 10%. Ministry of Internal Affairs stated that in the first quarter of 2020 the were 36 thousand new cases that took life of 748 people.

«Regrettably, human losses in our country are not calculated only by fatal accidents. We have a lengthy war, many soldiers die and many seriously injured», - said scientist.

According to the General Staff of Ukraine, in 2019 year about 100 soldiers died in Donbass and more than 500 fighters were seriously injured.

«The new invention of the Kharkiv factory «Vostok-N» has happened thanks to the idea of Sergei Khmyzov who is the head of the department of Pediatric Orthopedics Institute of Pathology of the Spine. The invention will help to improve Ukraine medical system», - noted Kovalev.

According to him, the most injuries associated with car accidents require quick surgical care, which ukrainian medicine can not always provide.

Kovalev also added that one the main invention features is special locks, they can help to assemble the device without additional tools, this feature will simnifically reduce the time for medical help. In the future, scientist plan to supplement their invention with 3D format, which will allow to correct injured bone fragments without additional reinstallation of the medical rods.

Operation using a new developmentOperation using a new development

Scientist notes that this invention was made possible by Vladimir Manukian, who is the founder of «Renaissance Medico» charity foundation. Vladimir thinks that ukrainian medicine needs real support here and now.

«I have repeatedly stated that our science and medicine need support from business, especially during the economic crisis. All inventions of «Vostok-N» are aimed at modernizing ukrainian medicine. As a businessman I want to see the result. The inventions of Kharkiv scientists really save lives that is why I am trying to support them. By creating such devices, scientists are developing the Institute of Emergency Medicine in Ukraine. This is extremely important both in Kharkiv or Kyiv, and in the front-line Severodonetsk or Bahmut», - Vladimir Manukian shared his opinion.

Kharkiv developers hope that the Ministry of Health will pay special attention to the creation of a national program to equip emergency clinics with external fixation systems.

According to Kovalev, his main goal is the full implementation of the external fixation system in all medical institutions of Ukraine.

«Our device is multi-functional. It can be used in the treatment of all kinds of pelvic injuries, orthopaedic defects, massive soft tissue injuries and also in the military surgery when people need the fastest help when every second is extremely important. Fighters who risk their lives in Donbass deserve high-quality and prompt assistance», - concluded Vladimir Manukian.

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