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Number Of Illegal Detentions Are Just Daunting - Lawyer Solodko

Number Of Illegal Detentions Are Just Daunting - Lawyer Solodko

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Lawyer Yevhen Solodko has told about complete outrage of law enforcers during detentions in Ukraine.

He said this to the Ukrainian News Agency after a press conference held at the Agency's press center.

"Are there many illegal detentions? Absolutely. However, there is no statistics. No one is simply registering them," he said.

Based on his lawyer's experience, Solodko notes that Ukrainian law enforcers permanently infringe rights of the arrested during their detentions.

"Lawlessness and absolute ignoring of the effective legislation by the already-reformed police are being witnessed," Solodko notes.

"Just visit a remand prison and ask any arrested person there about how they were detained? Every detention is a script for a horror movie. Total anarchy. The number of such cases is enormous and the most scaring fact is that no one is registering them," the lawyer states.

He also told about an unprecedented case when a whole family of a client was arrested by law enforcers who left their small kids without parents for some time.

"I know about an absolutely concerning case when my colleague-lawyer was working during a search. The parents were detained, and their kids were left all alone. Those law enforcers cared nothing for how those kids would stay and eat. They withdrew all the money. As a result the kids later lived in a family of one of the members of the team of lawyers engaged in the case. And then when the person was released from the remand prison, they were left without funds and means of communication. They were left without anything and with a lot of restrictions. What were they supposed to do?" the lawyer said.

He also expressed his concern over the fact of setting backbreaking bails for defendants in Ukraine.

"The law contains unclear wordings as to the bails. It also mentions certain reasonability, etc. But why do they have to burst into apartments, estimate everything in them by eye, and then set bails worth UAH 20 or 30 million. Why bothering, write whole UAH 100 million. If a person earns USD 100,000 or USD 1 million a year, set the bail that would be considerable for them, however, would not bring their family to the brink of survival. This problem must be urgently addressed," Solodko says.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, former deputy prosecutor general / attorney, Vitalii Kasko, has told about the practice of mass detentions and setting backbreaking bails giving an example of the case upon the embezzlement of USD 20 million allocated by Kyiv-based Oschadbank (Savings Bank) state-run bank.

Earlier, the defendants in the case upon embezzlement of the Oschadbank's USD 20 million had complained about the pressure exerted by investigators.

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