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Bill 9055 Deprives Lawyers Of Right To Counteract Lawlessness Of Judges - Solodko

Bill 9055 Deprives Lawyers Of Right To Counteract Lawlessness Of Judges - Solodko

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Lawyer Yevhen Solodko considers that the president's bill 9055 on advocacy and legal profession deprives lawyers of their right to counteract lawlessness of judges.

Ukrainian News agency learnt this from Solodko himself.

Solodko says he is concerned not so much about the lawyers' self-administration, but by the fact that he as a lawyer is deprived of an opportunity to counteract lawlessness of judges.

"I am more concerned over the fact that I am deprived of the rights I have now, thanks to which now I can at least in some way counteract the lawlessness we are witnessing today, in particular, in the course of the Yefremov's case," he noted.

He also considers that the interests of the lawyers' community have to be represented by recognized professionals, respected people with spotless professional reputation.

"Lawyers' administration is a quite delicate thing, as lawyers are extreme lovers of liberty. Since 1922, advocacy has been a self-administered sector. Thus, I believe it would not be quite correct to speak of administration. It would be more appropriate to speak of representation of interests of the lawyers' community. So I believe that only recognized masters of our profession, highly-respected people can ensure such a representation. Of course there are certain administrative issues that need to be addressed. Figuratively speaking, that issue should be of concern of an administrative office of the said representatives," he said.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, a total of 10 members of the Ukrainian Parliament have addressed Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Andriy Parubiy requesting not to put the bill 9055 of President Petro Poroshenko on the agenda as it contained numerous corruption risks.

The presidential bill on advocacy has nearly failed approval at the Kniazevych's committee.

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