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Defendants In Case Upon Embezzlement Of Oschadbank's USD 20 Million Accusing Investigators Of Pressure

Defendants In Case Upon Embezzlement Of Oschadbank's USD 20 Million Accusing Investigators Of Pressure

Oschadbank, suspect, pressure, Stanyslav Berezkin, Maksym Berezkin

Several suspects of involvement in embezzlement of USD 20 million allocated by Oschadbank state-owned bank say that the investigators were exerting psychological pressure on them inter alia to obtain the evidence regarding other case defendants they needed.


Ukrainian News Agency has learnt this from them.

As earlier reported, on October 24, the Specialized Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office (SACPO) announced detention of 10 people within the case upon embezzlement of the Oschadbank's funds.


Among them, there were two incumbent and one former bank's employees, as well as former heads of the Creative Group.


Five of the ten detained persons were women.


Vitalii Pustovit, a defendant in the case, considers that the pressure of the law enforcers was exerted on him to make him give false testimony they needed.


"The detention itself was an element of psychological pressure to make me lie about other people. They purposefully deprived me of freedom, threw me into bad conditions and many times hinted they could improve my situation if I agreed to give false testimony. I could not help them. I consider it was psychological pressure," he said.


He also called backbreaking the bail the court set for him.

Pustovit added he has not met with any investigators since he was released on bail.

He noted that from the very beginning the investigators had aimed to demoralize the suspects.

Tetiana Sliusarenko, another suspect in the case, said she was detained unlawfully as at that moment she had no charge papers in possession and was considered to be a witness.


"The search was being conducted at 8 a.m. After that I was detained. Then I was a witness and as far as I was not a suspect at that moment, they had no right to detain me. I received the charge papers only at the NACB in the evening of the same day, after my detention. The investigation has been underway for over two years already. Since then I have been interrogated only once. There are no grounds to say that I have escaped justice," she said.


According to Sliusarenko, she was exerted psychological pressure upon and had impropriate incarceration conditions when placed in a remand prison.


"I was put to a remand prison, to a ward designed for eight people, however there were 10 of us there. I slept on the floor under an open window. I had no pillow or blanket," said Sliusarenko.


She added that the bail set for her was also backbreaking.


"They set the bail of UAH 30 million. Thanks to the lawyers it was cut to UAH 1.5 million. However I believe that's still too much," added Sliusarenko.


She also said that her property is currently under arrest.


As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the SACPO has decided not to appeal the arrest and the bail for the persons suspected of the embezzlement of the Oschadbank's USD 20 million.


In particular, two suspects were ordered to pay the bail of UAH 2 million each, one - UAH 1.5 million, Oschadbank deputy chairperson - UAH 7 million, Maksym Berezkin, son of member of the Ukrainian Parliament Stanyslav Berezkin - UAH 5 million.





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