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Court Sentences Ex-Crimean Supreme Councilor Hanysh To 12 Years In Prison For Treason

Court Sentences Ex-Crimean Supreme Councilor Hanysh To 12 Years In Prison For Treason

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The Dniprovskyi District Court of Kyiv has sentenced Vasyl Hanysh, a former member of the Crimean Supreme Council, to 12 years in prison for treason.

Judge Oksana Byrsa announced the court’s decision on Monday, November 19, the Ukrainian News Agency reports.
According to the prosecutor's office, Ganysh participated in the session of the "State Council of the Republic of Crimea" at which the "Constitution of the Republic of Crimea as a subject of the Russian Federation" was unanimously adopted on April 11, 2014.
Hanysh then participated in elections to the Feodosia city council in September 2014, but he failed to win enough votes.
Ukrainian law enforcement officers detained him in April 2015 while entering the Kherson region from the Crimea.
Hanysh did not plead guilty.
He said that he was the first to introduce the Ukrainian language in official documents in the Crimea, he always supported Ukraine, and he publicly opposed the referendum that was held on the peninsula in March 2014.
Hanysh also said that he went to the "Crimean State Council" on April 11, 2014 not to vote for the "Constitution of the Republic" but to meet with the head of the local Pension Fund to receive his disability pension.
Regarding the elections to the Feodosia city council, he said he contested the elections with the support of the Crimean Tatar Mejlis.
The court noted that a video recording of the session of the illegitimate "State Council of the Republic of Crimea" dated April 11, 2014 shows that Hanysh participated in the vote on the "Crimean Constitution."
The court ruled that Hanysh deliberately violated the laws of Ukraine and participated in the elections to the Feodosia city council under Russian laws.
The court sentenced Hanysh to 12 years in prison without confiscation of property.
Prior to the entry into force of the sentence, he will be held under round-the-clock house arrest until the sentence enters into force.
The trial of Hanysh lasted more than 3.5 years.
As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the prosecutor’s office dropped the charge of voting for a referendum on the status of the Crimea against Hanysh in July but kept the charge of illegally voting for the "constitution" of the annexed Crimea and participating in illegal elections to local governments on the peninsula.
The Security Service of Ukraine detained Hanysh in the Kherson region in April 2015.
He was charged under Article 111 of the Ukrainian Penal Code (high treason).

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