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Part Of Ukrainians Unaware Of Judicial Reform - Special Advisor Brillat

Part Of Ukrainians Unaware Of Judicial Reform - Special Advisor Brillat

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Commenting on the results of the GfK Ukraine's poll, Special Advisor of the Council of Europe Secretary General for Ukraine, Regis Brillat, said that the Ukrainian citizens had not noticed results of the judicial reform, while some part of the Ukraine's population was absolutely unaware of its implementation.

As earlier reported, the GfK Ukraine research company published results of the all-Ukrainian poll that indicated that only every fifth Ukrainian was aware of the judicial reform, while 81% did not even hear about it or had insufficient knowledge of it. According to the poll, the judicial reform is supported by only 23% of the population and 46% of the citizens consider the situation in the judicial system to be even worse than it had been before the Revolution of Dignity. Sociologists believe that such a low level of the support suggests that the judicial reform was held behind the scenes without any consultations with the public.

Mr. Regis Brillat explained that the Ukrainians had no chance to feel the results of the reforms and some of them were unaware of their actual implementation.

He noted that results of the major reforms in the country, especially the ones touching the Constitution and the legislation, could not be noticed at once.

The European official also insisted on the fact that awareness of the population of the reforms had to be raised through attraction of independent media, non-governmental organizations and state bodies.

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