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Judicial Reform Will Be Critically Assessed In Future - Stavniichuk

Judicial Reform Will Be Critically Assessed In Future - Stavniichuk

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Former presidential adviser / former Venice Commission member, Maryna Stavniichuk, considers that the judicial reform being underway in Ukraine will be critically assessed in the future.

She said this in a comment to the Focus magazine.

According to Stavniichuk, it is the involvement of the Europeans in the reformation of the Ukrainian judicial system that hinders them to understand the situation objectively. Ideological European institutions, from the Council of Europe to the Venice Commission, share the responsibility for everything that is happening around the issue. They were the ones to develop the strategy, assess the laws, enter the supervisory boards, and so on and so forth.

"However, sooner or later, the course of the reform, conduction of respective tenders, attestations, adoption of laws, development of amendments to the Constitution will be receive critical assessments both in Ukraine and abroad," she expects.

Ukraine might suffer the fate of the neighboring Poland, against which the European Union launched a remedial procedure due to contradictory amendments to the law on the Supreme Court of the country. According to the said amendments, judges of the Polish Supreme Court, who reach the age of 65 but want to extend their mandate, have to send respective request to the president. At that no criteria under which the president takes respective decision have been set as well as no opportunity to appeal a court against respective presidential decision has been envisioned. According to the European Commission "that undermines the principle of independence of the judiciary in Poland." Should the amendments stay unaltered, Warsaw is likely to lose its right to vote in the Council of the European Union.

Speaking of Ukraine, yet only public activists are warning against the threat of courts' dependence on the executive power. In compliance with the results of several sociological studies, less then one thirds of the Ukrainian citizens believe in independence of courts from the power.

"Despite the outreach going along with the judicial reform, domestic courts continue being on the top of the list of state institutions suffering the least level of trust. The citizens never even believed that no one could buy justice. What success are we talking about if a year ago, Regis Brillat, Special Adviser of the Council of Europe for Ukraine, noted extreme importance of the Ukrainian people's trust in the new judiciary as an independent, effective and uncorrupted system?" said Stavniichuk.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, less than 25% of pollees questioned by the GfK Ukraine research company support the judicial reform, while 38% of them do not.

Almost 50% of the Ukrainian population consider that what is currently happening within the judicial system in Ukraine is worse than that in the times prior to the Revolution of Dignity.

On July 12, DEJURE foundation director / member of the Reanimation Package of Reforms board, Mykhailo Zhernakov, said that the Ukrainians did not see any desired results of the judicial reform.

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