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Oleksandr Yaroslavsky and UEFA Executives Discuss Prospects of Cooperation on Kharkiv Projects

Oleksandr Yaroslavsky and UEFA Executives Discuss Prospects of Cooperation on Kharkiv Projects

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Yesterday, on February 12, Oleksandr Yaroslavsky (the owner and president of DCH Group, general investor in Kharkiv preparation for Euro-2012 and ex-president of the FC "Metallist") has come on a visit to the UEFA headquarters. The businessman has attended a lunch with the key European football functionaries: the UEFA president Alexander Ceferin, the UEFA general secretary Theodore Teodorides, and the executive director Martin Kallen. Mr. Teodorides and Mr. Kallen are known to have actively participated in organizing Euro-2012 in Ukraine and to have actively cooperated with Oleksandr Yaroslavsky in his activities of modernizing Kharkiv amenities necessary for the tournament matches to take place in the city. According to informed sources, the participants of the meeting have discussed the experience of organizing international tournaments in Ukraine – both the 2012 ones and those of the forthcoming Champions League Final in Kyiv this year. Also, the prospects of carrying out joint sports projects in Kharkiv have been reviewed.

Alexander Ceferin was elected as UEFA’s seventh president in 2016. His good governance reforms program was adopted in 2017. Theodore Teodorides was officially approved as general secretary of UEFA in 2016 too (his predecessor Gianni Infantino left the organization on winning the FIFA presidential elections). Martin Kallen is currently involved in the preparation to the Champions League Final in Kyiv; he is very optimistic about the prospects of holding these matches.

In 2007 – 2012, Oleksandr Yaroslavsky invested $300 million in preparing Kharkiv to Euro-2012 (the stadium, the airport, the training camp, the volunteer center, the first five-star hotel in the city). During his presidency, the FC "Metallist" won the "bronze" at national championships six times, it got the "silver" as well, and played in Euro cups successfully.

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