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Cabinet Establishes National Coal Company State-Run Enterprise

Cabinet Establishes National Coal Company State-Run Enterprise

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has established the National Coal Company state-run enterprise.

Respective decision was taken at the Wednesday meeting of the Ukrainian Government, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

The document was passed with remarks of the Economic Development and Trade Ministry and the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine.

In compliance with the explanatory note to the bill, establishment of the state-run enterprise will allow optimizing coal producing companies through establishment of the single legal entity.

The National Coal Company will unite 19 state-run enterprises possessing 33 state-owned coalmines.

In particular, the coalmines will be: SE Yuzhnodonbasskoe Mine Office No. 1, SE Surgai Mine, SE Selidovvuhillia, SE Toretskvuhillia, SE Myrnohradvuhillia, SE Pervomaiskvuhillia, SE Volynvuhillia, SE Lvivvuhillia, SE Novovolynsk Repair and Mechanic Plant, SE Donhivuhlemash, SE Yuzhgiproshakht, SE Dneprogiproshakht, SE State Research Institute for Organization and Mechanization of Mine-Building.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, in May, the Cabinet of Ministers approved an order on intention to unite all state-owned coalmines within newly-established National Coal Company.