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Smart Energy Advocating Creation Of Register Of Dishonest Law Enforcers Due To Pressure On Business

Smart Energy Advocating Creation Of Register Of Dishonest Law Enforcers Due To Pressure On Business

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The Smart Energy group calls for creation of the register of dishonest law enforcers.

Risks and Security Director of Smart-Holding Ivan Herasymovych said this at a press conference in the press center of the Ukrainian News Agency on Tuesday.

The register will include data on exact executors of orders and those, who hold investigations in violation of procedural terms aiming to exert illegal pressure on business.

"At present instead of combating the crime, Ukrainian law enforcers exert pressure on business. Thus the businesses have to combine their efforts in fight against such hapless law enforcers... Therefore, we offer to create a register of such law enforcers before the upcoming lustration," Herasymovych said.

He also noted that the initiative is conditioned by systemic pressure of law enforcement bodies on Smart Energy.

He says the law enforcers interfere in the work of the enterprise and prevent the companies of the group to hold their economic operations.

He also added that the pressure on the group's companies has already lasted for several years and that about 80 proceedings have been launched.

"We consider actions of the law enforcement bodies to be systemic. The pressure on the group's companies has been exerted for several years. Most of the opened cases end only with searches, withdrawal of documents and equipment. Respective investigations do not go on after that. All that can easily be qualified as illegal pressure on business," Herasymovych noted.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on November 10, law enforcers conducted searches at offices and apartments of senior management of the Smart Energy group holding.

The searches were carried out within the framework of an investigation of the Prosecutor General's Office (PGO) on suspicion of fictitiousness of Smart Energy and tax evasion by group's enterprises.

Smart Energy is a management company within Smart-Holding, responsible for project development in geological prospecting and commercial hydrocarbon development, as well as alternative energy.

Smart-Holding's oil-and-gas arm includes Regal Petroleum PLC (UK) and Ukraine-based gas producers Prom-Energo Product and Ukrgazvydobutok.

Verkhovna Rada member Vadim Novinsky from the faction of the Opposition Bloc controls Smart Group.

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