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Poroshenko Declares 2018 Year Of Implementation Of ‘I Have The Right’ Educational Project

Poroshenko Declares 2018 Year Of Implementation Of ‘I Have The Right’ Educational Project


President Petro Poroshenko has declared 2018 the year of implementation of the "I have the right" educational project.

This is stated in the presidential decree No. 361 of November 14, the Ukrainian News agency reports.

The presidential decree instructs the Cabinet of Ministers to approve a plan of measures for implementation of the project.

The plan should provide for informing citizens about their rights through the mass media through introduction of telephone hotlines.

In addition, the government should inform the president about the progress of the year of implementation year of this project on a quarterly basis.

Regional and Kyiv municipal administrations are instructed to ensure preparation of regional action plans for implementation of the project.

According to the presidential press service, the relevant initiative aimed at improving protection of citizens' rights and freedoms and improving the provision of free legal assistance was considered at a meeting of the National Reform Council on November 10.

The decree was signed with the aim of creating “a legal culture and legal awareness” in the society and facilitating improvement of citizens’ knowledge and awareness of the protection of their rights in various spheres of life as guaranteed by the Constitution and laws.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, the National Reform Council held a meeting on November 10, during which it considered the issue of protection of citizens’ legal rights.

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