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Ex-State Duma MP Voronenkov Gave Document About His Plans In Ukraine To MP Heraschenko On March 21

Ex-State Duma MP Voronenkov Gave Document About His Plans In Ukraine To MP Heraschenko On March 21

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Member of Parliament Deputy Anton Heraschenko (People's Front) has said that former Russian State Duma deputy Denis Voronenkov gave him a document about his plans in Ukraine on March 21.

Heraschenko announced this to reporters, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"I was personally acquainted with Voronenkov. The last time I met him was in the evening day before yesterday (March 21). I published a document that he was preparing and which would have served as the basis for his future work in Ukraine," he said.

According to him, Voronenkov rented an apartment in downtown Kyiv, and law enforcement officials are determining how the killer knew about Voronenkov's meeting in the Premier Palace Hotel in downtown Kyiv and whether he was under surveillance.

According to Heraschenko, the identity of the killer has been established, and he is a citizen of Ukraine.

Heraschenko has published the text of the document on Facebook.

According to the document, Voronenkov considered the possibility of creating a Center for Ukrainian-Russian Investigations, which would operate autonomously but in close contact with the Ukrainian security agencies.

He planned to create the center with the aim of defending against Russian aggression with the help of a special network of "agents of influence" in Ukraine and allied countries.

According to the document, the result of the center's operations would be preparation of materials that would be sent to Ukrainian law enforcement agencies to enable them to counter illegal actions by corrupt Russian officials, sponsors of aggression against Ukraine, and their Ukrainian accomplices.

Moreover, according to the document, the center's intelligence network would coordinate subjects of investigation with the Prosecutor General's Office and the Security Service of Ukraine and prepare exclusive materials for the media.

Voronenkov planned to personally head the Center for Ukrainian-Russian Investigations.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the murderer of Voronenkov has died of his injuries in hospital.

Voronenkov was killed near the entrance to the Premier Palace Hotel in downtown Kyiv at about 12:00 p.m. on Thursday.

Voronenkov's guard wounded the killer.