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Cabinet Bans Sale Of Food-Imitating Products

Cabinet Bans Sale Of Food-Imitating Products

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The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has banned sale of products imitating food products and posing risk to consumers' health.

The Ukrainian News Agency has learnt this from the Executive Order of the Ukrainian Government No.136 dated March 10.

The document has imposed a ban on sale of products that look similar to food products in their form, scent, color, appearance, dressing, labeling, volume and size and present health hazard to consumers, in particular, those that can be mistaken by children for food products and may be bitten or eaten by them, which may cause health problems.

Respective amendments are to be presented in the Order of Trade and Trade Servicing Rules In Consumer Goods Market.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, in November 2016, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine reorganized local bodies of the State Service on Food Products Safety and Consumer Protection in regions and regional centers by way of affiliating them with regional administrative bodies.

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