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Over 130 Former Owners Of Filling Stations Of Privat Group Declared Bankrupt In February

Over 130 Former Owners Of Filling Stations Of Privat Group Declared Bankrupt In February

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Over 130 limited liability companies, most of them registered in Kharkiv, that used to own a chain of filling stations of Privat Group (brands ANP, Sentosa, Avias and others) in 2014-2015 were declared bankrupt by courts in February 2017.

This is indicated by the register of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs of the Justice Ministry, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

The companies themselves initiated their bankruptcy.

At the moment of bankruptcy they owned no filling stations or other property.

In most cases the procedure of liquidation of the companies began in August 2016 following decisions at general meetings of founders.

In November 2016, the companies had the same sum of accounts receivable of UAH 500,000.

Most of those 130 companies had accounts payable of between UAH 500,000 and UAH 600,000 before the same company - the limited liability company Provid Group.

The limited liability company Provid Group was founded in Kharkiv in April 2014. Its founder was Vitalii Maloivanchenko.

Vitalii Maloivanchenko is also the founder of Gold Service Plus, Edifis Company. The three companies were mentioned in the investigation of the Ministry of Interior Affairs in 2014 on fact of bogus enterprise.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, according to data of the Energy and Coal Industry Ministry close to 6,000 filling stations operated in Ukraine in February 2017.

Close to 1,000 filling stations (other than filling stations of Ukrnafta) are controlled by Privat Group of Ihor Kolomoiskyi and Hennadii Boholiubov.