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Italian Enforcers Detain Ukraine's Consulate Ex-Employee Over Defrauding EUR 0.2 Million

Italian Enforcers Detain Ukraine's Consulate Ex-Employee Over Defrauding EUR 0.2 Million

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Italian law enforcement officers have detained a former employee of the Consulate General of Ukraine to Milan, Maksym Nelin, over the suspicion of defrauding EUR 0.2 million.

This has been said in respective court's ruling dated February 15, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

According to the report, Nelin was detained in Italy on February 3.

According to results of a pre-trial investigation, during his time in the office of the Consulate General of Ukraine to Milan in March 2010, he met a man reportedly sick with acute leukemia.

From April 23, 2010, the man started a treatment in the Niguarda Ca Granda hospital (Milan).

After the man received his residence permit in Italy, starting October 1, 2013, all his medical expenses have been billed to the Italian National Health Service.

At the same time in Ukraine parents of the patient applied to the Ministry of Health for a state program that provides for treatment of citizens of Ukraine abroad.

The police allegations are that Nelin and his friend came up with a scheme to defraud the state of EUR 233,000.

In the implementation of this scheme, in March 2011, the Consulate General's employee handed the Ministry of Health of Ukraine a false document ostensibly issued by the Niguarda Ca Granda hospital that cited the bank account's number to which the money had to be transferred.

In the furtherance of their scheme, the suspects provided a fake letter from the director of the hospital in which he made a grounded request for a spine bone donor search.

Upon considering the application, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine made a decision to redeem expenses incurred by the treatment in the amount of EUR 233,000 from the state budget of Ukraine.

On September 2016, the National Police of Ukraine put the Consulate General's ex-employee on the wanted list on charges of the Section 4 of Article 190 (acquiring other persons' assets through illegal means) of the Penal Code.

On February 3, 2017, Nelin was detained in Italy.

On February 15, the Pecherskyi District Court of Kyiv ordered taking the suspect in custody as a preventive measure.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, in September 2016, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine recalled the first secretary of the Ukrainian Embassy to the Republic of Slovakia Oksana Lischyshyn over her husband's attempt to smuggle cigarettes in a private car over the border.

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