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Zubko: Stepova Coal Mine Cannot Yet Resume Operation Because Of High Levels Of Methane In Air

Zubko: Stepova Coal Mine Cannot Yet Resume Operation Because Of High Levels Of Methane In Air

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Deputy Prime Minister/Minister of Regional Development, Construction and Housing Public Utility Economy Hennadii Zubko has said that it is not yet possible to resume the operation of the Stepova coal mine (Lviv region), where an accident recently occurred, because of high levels of methane in the air.

Zubko was addressing a news briefing after a meeting of the government commission investigating the causes of the accident at the Stepova coal mine, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"The mine is currently out of operation. Mine rescue services are currently conducting degassing work there. The current conditions there are such that rescue workers cannot be there. Therefore, the air is being pumped in order to improve the situation," he said.

According to the deputy prime minister, rescuers have yet not been able to examine the site of the explosion and collapse because of unacceptable levels of concentration of methane in the air.

The mass media recently reported that the mine would resume operation on March 6, citing the chairman of the Chervonohrad department of the Independent Trade Union of Miners of Ukraine, Vitalii Onizhuk.

According Zubko, the commission will work for one month and hold meetings every Monday.

Several members of the commission will visit the Lviv region on March 7 to meet with relatives of those killed and injured in the accident with the aim of analyzing the implementation of the government's decision to allocate funds (UAH 500,000 to the family of every miner killed and UAH 75,000 to the family of every victim).

According to Zubko, coal production was not taking place at the time of the accident; equipment repair was taking place.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, eight miners were killed and 23 hospitalized as a result of an explosion at the Stepova coal mine No. 10 (Lviv region) on March 2.