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Kyiv Intends To Hold Reconstruction Of Shuliavka Bridge Before 2019

Kyiv Intends To Hold Reconstruction Of Shuliavka Bridge Before 2019

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The Kyiv city state administration intends to hold reconstruction of the Shuliavka bridge and a road junction near the Shuliavka subway station before 2019.

Kyiv Mayor / Head of the Kyiv City State Administration Vitali Klitschko announced this to the press, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"The bridge will be reconstructed. There will be reconstruction of the road junction, including passes from Telihy Street and Peremohy Avenue. In a year or two we are planning to accomplish the reconstruction," he said.

Mayor Klitschko could not estimate the budget of the reconstruction.

The Kyiv Municipal State Administration says that the technical condition of the Shuliavka bridge in Kyiv was last time investigated in 2012. Head of the Administration's Emergency Situations Directorate Roman Tkachuk announced this to journalists.

On Tuesday, the board of experts will present a report on the current conditions of bridge.

At approximately 09:00 p.m. on February 27, rescuers received a report on the collapse of the sheeting of the Shuliavka bridge.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the State Emergency Situations Service on February 27 began eliminating the disruption of the protection fence on the Shuliavka bridge in Kyiv.