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EU Council Adopts Revision Of Visa Waiver Suspension Mechanism

EU Council Adopts Revision Of Visa Waiver Suspension Mechanism

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On February 27, 2017, the Council of the European Union adopted a regulation to revise the suspension mechanism which can be applied to all existing visa liberalization agreements.

Ukrainian News Agency learned this from a Council press release.

"Visa liberalization brings great advantages to the EU and third countries. At the same time, the EU must be able to respond effectively in cases where the rules are not being respected. The revision of the suspension mechanism adopted today [February 27] makes it easier to tackle abuse of the system," said Carmelo Abela, Maltese Minister for Home Affairs and National Security.

The Council finally endorsed visa liberalization for Georgians who enter the Union for up to 90 days within a 180-day period.

"The Council and the European Parliament now need to sign the adopted regulation. The signed text will be published in the EU Official Journal and will enter into force 20 days later," the press release said.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Ambassador Hugues Mingarelli, the Head of the European Union Delegation in Ukraine, expects EU visa waiver for Ukrainians before June.

In December 2016, the EU confirmed that Ukraine had met all visa-free requirements.