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IMF's February Agenda Not Including Allocation Of Tranche To Ukraine

IMF's February Agenda Not Including Allocation Of Tranche To Ukraine

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The International Monetary Fund has not included the issue of allocation of the next tranche to Ukraine in its agenda for February 2017.

Ukrainian News learned this from the agenda of the IMF Board for February and until March 6.

On February 24, the International Monetary Fund was revising its cooperation programs with Iran and Albania.

On March 6, the International Monetary Fund will consider approaches to the macroeconomic supervision.

The IMF will include the Ukrainian issue in the agenda in 10 days on receiving a signed memorandum with Ukraine.

In December 2016, National Bank Governor Valeria Hontareva said Ukraine could receive the next tranche from the International Monetary Fund in January 2017.

In mid January 2017, following negotiations with leaders of the IMF in Davos Finance Minister of Ukraine Oleksandr Danyliuk said the issue was moved to early February.

In February, he said some technical issues required discussions.

In mid February, NBU Governor Hontareva predicted that the tranche will be allocated late in February - early March.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, a mission of the International Monetary Fund worked in Ukraine November 3-17, 2016.

The mission said Ukraine needed more time to implement the current cooperation program.

Ukraine got a tranche of USD 1 billion from the IMF in September 2016.

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