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Kyiv Asks Cabinet To Allocate Additional UAH 4.3 Billion For Housing Subsidies In 2017

Kyiv Asks Cabinet To Allocate Additional UAH 4.3 Billion For Housing Subsidies In 2017

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The Kyiv municipal administration is asking the Cabinet of Ministers to allocate an additional UAH 4.3 billion for provision of housing and utility subsidies to households in 2017.

This is stated in a letter that Kyiv Mayor and Kyiv municipal administration Chairman Vitali Klitschko wrote to Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman, a text of which Ukrainian News obtained.

According to the letter, the money is intended for financing benefits and subsidies to households to enable them to pay for electricity, natural gas, heating services, water, and sewerage, apartment rent (for maintaining residential buildings, structures, and adjoining areas), and removal of domestic waste and liquid sewage.

In addition, in order to pay the debt from previous years, the letter proposes instructing the Ministry of Finance to make changes to the monthly distribution of subventions by approximating the appropriations for February to UAH 390 million.

In 2016, the amount required for financing benefits and housing subsidies to households in Kyiv was UAH 2.437 billion, of which only UAH 1.465 billion was provided through subventions.

The debt on subsidies was UAH 966.3 million as of 1 January 2017, of which UAH 481.4 million is overdue.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, the state budget for 2017 allocates UAH 1,170,957,100 to the Kyiv municipal administration for financing housing and utility subsidies to households.