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Court Arrests Karavan Shopping Mall In Kyiv

Court Arrests Karavan Shopping Mall In Kyiv

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The Kyiv Holosiivskyi District Court has arrested real property of the Karavan shopping mall at 12 Luhova Street in Kyiv.

THis is said in the ruling of the court of February 14, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

The Karavan shopping mall in Kyiv is owned by the private joint stock company Lex Holding where businessman Oleksandr Yaroslavskyi is the end beneficiary.

The court also arrested the trade-office building at the same address (10,500 square meters).

The arrest follows a motion from detective of the Kyiv office of the National Police within a criminal case on losses inflicted to VTB Bank.

The pre-trial investigation began on February 10.

In March 2013, VTB Bank and the private joint stock company Lex Holding concluded a loan agreement on a credit facility for UAH 75.81 million.

The deadline for the redemption of the loan was 15 August 2016.

According to the investigation, the private joint stock company Lex Holding did not have intensions to redeem the loan. The company paid USD 1.913 million and the latest payment was in February 2016.

According to police, in order to avoid redemption of the debt the private joint stock company Lex Holding formed a paper debt before the Kharkiv-based liability company Egida Center of Legal Service of UAH 600,000.

On 7 September 2016, the Kyiv Economic Court opened a bankruptcy case against Lex Holding on a lawsuit from Egida Center of Legal Service.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, in January 2017, the Kyiv Economic Court arrested UAH 2.185 billion on accounts of Kyiv-based Simer private company that belongs to businessman Oleksandr Yaroslavskyi and has debts before VTB Bank.

Lex Holding (non-official group of companies Karavan) is a developer company.

In 2013, Oleksandr Yaroslavskyi, the owner of DCH Group, purchased a stake in Saint Helier-based Karavan Real Estate Limited (Jersey; the Channel Islands), which managed the construction and development of the Karavan shopping and leisure centers. In 2016, he became the only owner of the chain of shopping malls.

In January 2017, media reported that Karavan will be sold to France-based Holding Auchan SA.

Karavan Real Estate manages three active shopping and leisure centres Karavan Megastore in Kyiv, Dnipro, and Kharkiv.

DCH Group is one of the biggest and most dynamically developing Ukrainian business groups with a twenty-year-long history.

Its areas of focus are finance, development, machine building, construction, transportation, construction supplies production, hospitality business etc.