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NBU Toughens Payment System Supervision

NBU Toughens Payment System Supervision

NBU, payment systems, supervision

The National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) has toughened supervision over payment systems' activities.

Ukrainian News Agency learned this from the NBU Board's resolution No.11 of February 13 "On approving amendments of certain regulatory legal acts of the National Bank of Ukraine."

It is effective from February 17.

The document binds payment systems to exercise control over activities of its participants where it concerns observance of this payment system's rules; to keep a register of participants' cash acceptance and payment points; store information about each remittance transaction accomplished by the payment system's payment organisation, its participants and payment infrastructure service operators.

The resolution also adds grounds for taking appropriate action on the supervised entities.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the NBU has so far registered 22 resident domestic and international payment systems, 10 non-resident domestic and international payment systems, 13 intrabank payment systems and 16 payment infrastructure service operators.

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