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State Of Emergency In Energy Sector Takes Effect

State Of Emergency In Energy Sector Takes Effect

Cabinet of Ministers, electric energy, state of emergency, rolling blackouts, blockade, railway, boundary line

The state of emergency on the market in electric energy, introduced by an executive order of the Cabinet of Ministers, took effect on February 16 and will apply at least one month, till March 17.

Ukrainian News Agency learned this from Government Executive Order 103 of February 15 applying temporary emergency measures on the electricity market.

For the ultimate consumers this will mean possible rolling blackouts.

These measures are to save consumption of anthracite coal whose supply to thermal power plants stopped on February 13, a result of the blockade of railway traffic across the boundary line.

Minimum hot standby requirement for heating generation will reduce from 1,000 to 500 MW (necessary for a quick power offset in the event of emergency shutdown of a nuclear unit).

The nuclear power plants' portion in the total production is expected to increase from 57% to 61%.

The state of emergency is aimed to save 300,000-350,000 tons of anthracite coal (TPPs' daily consumption of anthracite was some 30,000 tons).

The state of emergency can be extended after one month.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, First Vice Prime Minister / Minister of Regional Development, Construction and Housing and Utilities Hennadii Zubko says that coal supplies across the boundary line stopped on February 10.

The Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry has pushed forward for a state of emergency on the electricity market as anthracite supplies had discontinued.

Information from National Power Company Ukrenergo, the TPPs' anthracite stock will suffice for 40 days of stable operation of the energy grid.