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Cabinet Introduces State Of Emergency On Energy Market, Allows Rolling Blackouts

Cabinet Introduces State Of Emergency On Energy Market, Allows Rolling Blackouts

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The Cabinet of Ministers has introduced a state of emergency on the energy market, which provides for rolling blackouts.

The relevant decision was adopted at an extraordinary meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers on Wednesday, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

The state of emergency was introduced in order to minimize the use of scarce anthracite coal.

"It also includes a section stipulating that we will introduce rolling blackouts in case of urgent need and an imbalance between production and consumption of electricity," Minister of Energy and Coal Industry Ihor Nasalyk said.

The temporary emergency measures provide for reducing the allowable level of the reserve power generating capacity from 1 GW to 500 MW (the spinning reserve at thermal power plants in case of emergency shutdown of a nuclear power plant).

According to Nasalyk, the temporary emergency measures will allow the country to save between 300,000 and 350,000 tons of anthracite coal per month.

The temporary emergency measures will be in effect for one month and may be extended for no more than one month.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Deputy Prime Minister/Minister of Regional Development, Housing, and Utility Services Hennadii Zubko has said that transportation of coal across the separation line in Donbas ceased on 10 February.

The Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry initiated the introduction of a state of emergency on the electricity market because of the cessation of supply of anthracite coal.

According to the Ukrenergo national energy company, the reserves of anthracite coal at thermal power plants will be enough for stable operation of the power grid for 40 days.