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Energy Ministry Sees Coal Imports From Russia As Alternative To Coal Supplies From ATO Zone

Energy Ministry Sees Coal Imports From Russia As Alternative To Coal Supplies From ATO Zone

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The Energy and Coal Industry Ministry of Ukraine says alternatives to supplies of coal from the occupied territories of Donbas are coal imports from the Russian Federation or commissioning of oil/gas power units at the Ukrainian thermoelectric power plants.

Minister Ihor Nasalyk announced this live on 112 Ukraine TV Channel, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"We cannot take coal for the Republic of South Africa now, as the coal is contracted until May and this is linked with global processes, including suspension of the nuclear power plant… For this reason we cannot count on the RSA and Australia. There remain two solutions: either Russia on imports or Russian gas for the oil/gas power units," he said.

According to the minister, the energy system of the country consumes some 1.2 million tons of anthracite a month. The anthracite reserves at the thermoelectric power plants make at the 842,000 tons at present (February 13).

The minister noted that the anthracite reserves are 120,000 tons higher than the ministry planned.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the Energy Ministry has moved forward with an initiative to introduce the emergency situation in the electricity market over the suspension of anthracite supplies from the zone of the antiterrorist operation.

The Ukrenergo state power generating company says the anthracite reserves at the warehouses of the Ukrainian thermal power plants are enough to provide stable operation of the energy system during 40 days.