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Total Public Debt Up 5% To USD 71 Billion In December

Total Public Debt Up 5% To USD 71 Billion In December

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In December, Ukraine's cumulative public-sector debt (direct and government-backed) increased by 5.08% (USD 3.43 billion) to USD 70.97 billion (as of December 31).

Ukrainian News Agency learned this from the Ministry of Finance data.

At end-December, the public and government-backed debt stood at UAH 1,929.76 billion or USD 70.97 billion against UAH 1,728.88 billion or USD 67.54 billion a month before (UAH 1,572.180 billion or USD 65.506 billion as at January 1).

As at December 31, total direct public debt was UAH 1,650.83 billion (USD 60.71 billion) versus UAH 1,464.55 billion the month before (UAH 1,334.3 billion as at January 1).

Over the month, the direct foreign debt fell 0.11% (USD 0.04 billion) to USD 36.05 billion while the direct home debt soared 24.03% to UAH 670.65 billion.

As of December 31, the government-backed debt was UAH 278.93 billion (USD 10.26 billion).

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, total direct public debt at end-2015 was UAH 1,333.860 billion (USD 55.575 billion) against UAH 947.030 billion (USD 60.058 billion) as of December 31, 2014.

Herewith, the direct foreign debt grew 11.6% or USD 3.587 billion last year, to 34.409 USD billion, and the direct home debt increased by 10.2% to UAH 508.001 billion.