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Lviv Mayor Sadovyi: Mayors Of Polish Cities Offer Help In Utilization Of Garbage

Lviv Mayor Sadovyi: Mayors Of Polish Cities Offer Help In Utilization Of Garbage

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Lviv Mayor Andrii Sadovyi says he receives phone calls from mayors of Polish cities who offer help in resolving the problem with utilization of garbage.

Lviv Mayor Sadovyi wrote this on Facebook, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

Mayor Sadovyi notes that 35% of grounds with waste containers are overfilled.

"It has been a week already since the Lviv authorities asked the Cabinet of Ministers and the regional state administration to convene a commission for emergency situations but they cannot. Moreover, the blockade of Lviv has even enhanced. 35% of city grounds have been overfilled with garbage for several weeks. All garbage dumps where we brought the garbage from the city temporarily have been closing access for us for several days," he says.

"All we ask for is giving help to the regional center not to allow an emergency ecological situation. Now I receive phone calls with offer of help only from mayors of Polish cities and international organizations," says Sadovyi.

He accuses the regional authorities of absence of desire to tackle the problem with garbage in the city.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Lviv regional authorities have prepared three land plots for construction of a garbage recycling plant.

Lviv city council has extended till the end of 2016 the effect of its resolution obliging specialized companies to remove from the city and recycle solid domestic wastes outside the city.

The city council does not disclose places where garbage will be stored to avoid mass protests of locals.

Lviv stopped bringing solid domestic wastes to the garbage dump in Hrybovychi in June 2016.

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