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Avakov's Wage UAH 42,900 In December

Avakov's Wage UAH 42,900 In December

Avakov, wage, Arsen Avakov, Internal Affairs Minister

Internal Affairs Minister Arsen Avakov's wage was UAH 42,885 in December 2016.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs announced this in response to a request from Ukrainian News Agency.

Minister Avakov received UAH 34,522 after tax.

Minister Avakov's wage was UAH 16,187 in April 2016, UAH 21,800 in May, UAH 21,800 in June, UAH 29,900 in July, UAH 8,700 in August, UAH 16,000 in September, UAH 42,200 in October, and UAH 42,240 in November 2016.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Interior Minister Avakov declared UAH 1,678,414 income, collections of wines and cold steel arms, Italian furniture and his wife UAH 2,417,153 income and four fur coats for 2015.

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