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Poroshenko Seals Opening Up Opportunities For Servicemen To Break Contracts During ATO

Poroshenko Seals Opening Up Opportunities For Servicemen To Break Contracts During ATO

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President Petro Poroshenko has approved vesting servicemen with the right to break contracts during an anti-terrorist operation (ATO) or a special period.

Ukrainian News Agency learned this from a statement made by the presidential press service.

On Wednesday, Poroshenko signed into law the bill perfecting the active service rules.

The law permits the discharge of members of the military serving under contract during special period (except mobilization and imposing martial law), whose contracts have expired but they have not expressed the wish to continue military service.

The President is convinced that this move will not lower the combat effectiveness of the Ukrainian army.

The personnel will be replaced phase by phase.

Servicemen, who are serving under contract, extended after the fixed terms for the period until announcement of demobilization and who has served at least 18 months after the prolongation, acquire the right to discharge from military service.

Poroshenko also notes that the conclusion of contracts with the military is running on schedule, and the number of citizens enrolled for contract service is approaching 70,000.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the Verkhovna Rada on December 6 allowed servicemen to break contracts during an ATO or a special period.

September 27, Poroshenko vetoed the law allowing mobilized servicemen to conclude short-term contracts during special periods.

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