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PrivatBank Contradicts Database Theft

PrivatBank Contradicts Database Theft

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The nationalized PrivatBank says that its databases were not stolen.

Ukrainian News Agency learned this from a statement made by the financial institution's press service.

All information contained in the bank's database is secure and the information protection system can prevent any tampering with it or intrusion, particularly by the bank staff.

The bank has recorded cases of fraudsters attempting to obtain personal data.

They call the potential victim, pretend to be Oschadbank security service officers and ask if they have a card account with PrivatBank.

If so, fraudsters say that PrivatBank will be merged with Oschadbank and clients have to transfer their money from PrivatBank cards to new ones, issued by Oschadbank.

For that, they ask the victim's bank card number, CVV code, internet banking password and other data.

After that, fraudsters transfer the money into their own accounts.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the Ministry of Finance on December 21 acquired ownership of 100% of PrivatBank.

The Ministry may issue the first tranche of domestic-loan government bonds for the increase of PrivatBank's capital to the tune of UAH 43 billion before the end of December.

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