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Putin For Abolition Of EU Visas For Ukraine

Putin For Abolition Of EU Visas For Ukraine

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Russian President Vladimir Putin stands up for the abolition of visas for Ukraine by the European Union.

He announced this during a press conference, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"What concerns the visa-free travels to Europe for the citizens of Ukraine, I am fully supportive of this. I think that the visa regime in Europe is an anachronism of the Cold War and it has to be rid of as soon as possible," he said.

The visa abolition must be accompanied by the work permit, Putin added.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the European Parliament stands ready to complete the procedures required to abolish visas for Ukrainians.

December 15, the European Parliament assented the bill to introduce the mechanism of suspension of visa-free travels to the European Union for third countries.

After adoption of the respective document by the European Parliament in first reading it must be adopted by the European Council.

Before, the Committee of Permanent Representatives in the European Union (COREPER) approved that the visa waiver for Ukraine shall come into force simultaneously with the adoption of the mechanism of suspension of visa-free travels for third countries.

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