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Announcement in the press of the round table on the theme: "The right to vote for IDPs: realities and prospect

Announcement in the press of the round table on the theme: "The right to vote for IDPs: realities and prospects"

December 21, 2016 Coalition "Settlers of renewing Ukraine" representative Hans Seidel Foundation in Kiev will hold a round table on the theme "The right to vote for IDPs: realities and prospects".

Aim: expert discussion of urgent measures and action plan from the government and the public to restore the electoral rights of IDPs. Creating an open space for dialogue between the authorities and the public; decision-making and the creation of an action plan to resolve the legal issues for the restoration of the electoral rights of IDPs.

As at the beginning of November 2015 IDPs deprived of the right to vote in the 438 local elections, the issue of discrimination against displaced persons is rather acute. This is a gross violation of international norms and the Constitution of Ukraine. This situation bears a direct threat to the destruction of democratic principles in Ukraine.

It is time to take clear decisions and actively act to resolve conflicts in the laws and restore the right to vote for the IDPs.

Location: the news agency "Ukrainian News", metro station “Palace of Sport", st.Esplanadna, 20 (1st floor)

Beginning: 14:00 (registration starts at 13:30)

Invited for ventilation:

- Daniel ZAYBERLING, Head of projects of Hanns Seidel Foundation in Ukraine, Republic of Moldova and Romania;

- Natalia Veselova, People's Deputy of Ukraine;

- George Tuka, Deputy Minister for the occupied territories of Ukraine;

- Michael CHAPLYGA, authorized by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Human Rights;

- Nicholas Greco, Mayor of city Aleksandrovsk, Lugansk region, Officer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine;

- Ivan Makarov, the last political prisoner of the Soviet Union, the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of I-th convocation, the lawyer, "the Association of Mayors of cities of Ukraine", the veteran of the battalion "Aydar";

- Svetlana Zakrevskaya, Speaker coalition "Settlers of renewed Ukraine", chairman of the DPP "Alliance";

- Sergey Stulov, a human rights activist, coordinator of the coalition, "Settlers of updates of Ukraine", the coordinator of the all-Ukrainian action "# MayuPravoObirati";

- Dmitry Saryan, Deputy Coordinator of the coalition "Settlers of renewed Ukraine", Regional Coordinator of the National Forum of Trade Unions of Ukraine in Zaporizhia region - "systemic violation of the electoral rights of internally displaced persons in the local elections in the combined territorial communities Zaporozhye region, which took place from 12.11.2016 year on 12.18.2016 year ";

- Natalia TSELOVALNICHENKO, head of the NGO "Luhansk Human Rights Group", a lawyer;

- Anastasia Perepelitsa, Advisor to the Ministry for Social Policy on the Internally displaced persons in the Zaporozhye region, deputy chairman of the public association "Donbass initiative" Bridge ";

- Tatiana Durneva, Donetsk regional organization "Committee of Voters of Ukraine";

- Yuri KUZHEL, employee of the Department for the protection of the rights of IDPs at EUROPOL, Kharkiv.

Accreditation: (+38050) 412 48 61 or

Address Press Centre: Art. m. "Sports Palace" Str. Esplanadna 20, 1st floor.