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NBU Declares Investbank Insolvent

NBU Declares Investbank Insolvent

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On 15 December, the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) declared Investbank (Odesa) insolvent.

Ukrainian News Agency learned this from a statement made by the NBU press service.

“The reason for this decision was that after CB INVESTBANK PJSC was classified as problematic its shareholders failed to take sufficient measures to bring the bank’s authorized capital into compliance with the statutory capital requirements. In view of the above, as of 15 December 2016, CB INVESTBANK PJSC’s authorized capital failed to comply with the minimum statutory capital requirements of UAH 120 million,” it reads.

In accordance with NBU Board Resolution No.58 of 4 February 2016, banks were required to bring their authorized capital into compliance with the minimum statutory capital requirements of UAH 120 million by 17 June 2016.

According to information available to the NBU, 98% of all the depositors of CB INVESTBANK PJSC will be reimbursed in full, as amounts held in their deposit accounts fall within the insured deposit amount of UAH 200 thousand, which is covered by the Deposit Guarantee Fund.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Ukrainian nationals Oleksii Kotkovkyi (41.25%), Mr Oleksandr Nezvinkyi (19.96%), Tamara Nezvinska (2.35%) and Bab-Invest LLC (24.05%) were the Bank’s qualifying shareholders

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