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European Parliament Adopts Mechanism Of Suspension Of Visa-Free Travels To EU For Third Countries

European Parliament Adopts Mechanism Of Suspension Of Visa-Free Travels To EU For Third Countries

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The European Parliament has assented the bill to introduce the mechanism of suspension of visa-free travels to the European Union for third countries.

Visa requirements for non-EU nationals will be reintroduced faster when EU countries face irregular migration surges or security risks, under new rules passed by Parliament on Thursday, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

The decision was approved by 485 votes to 132 with 21 abstentions.

Parliament´s rapporteur for the proposal, Agustín Díaz de Mera (EPP, ES), said “We have succeeded in creating a more flexible and operational tool, while ensuring respect for human rights and a key role for the European Parliament. I am confident that following the approval of the suspension mechanism, the Council will cooperate fully to ensure that the proposals to grant visa waivers to Georgia and Ukraine are processed smoothly, given that both countries fulfilled the requested criteria some time ago.”

The Commission will also be in charge of monitoring the situation in visa-exempt countries and reporting, at least once a year, to Parliament and the Council on whether they still fulfil visa waiver conditions such as respect for human rights.

Under the new rules, third countries’ visa waiver deals with the EU may be suspended, in which case their citizens would again need a visa to enter the EU, in one or more of the following cases: a substantial increase in the number of nationals of that country are refused entry to or stay irregularly in EU territory,

a substantial increase in unfounded asylum applications, a decrease in cooperation on readmissions (returns of migrants), or an increase in risks or imminent threats to public policy or internal security related to nationals of the third country concerned.

Both EU member states and the European Commission will be able to trigger the visa waiver suspension mechanism.

This revision of the visa suspension mechanism, enshrined in EU legislation since 2013, is linked to the proposals to grant visa-free access to the EU to Georgia, already agreed by MEPs and the Council, as well as to Ukraine and Kosovo.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the EU has confirmed that Ukraine has met all visa-free requirements.