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Savchenko Sister Vira Confirms Her Quit From Batkivschyna Party

Savchenko Sister Vira Confirms Her Quit From Batkivschyna Party

Nadiya Savchenko, Vira Savchenko, Batkivschyna, MP

Sister of Member of Parliament Nadiya Savchenko (Batkivschyna All-Ukrainian Association faction) Vira confirms that Nadiya has left the Batkivschyna All-Ukrainian Association party.

She announced this on Facebook, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"Nadiya wrote the statement for quitting the party when she was going for the Karpiuk and Klykh trial," wrote Vira.

The Supreme Court of the Chechen Republic (Russia) sentenced Mykola Karpiuk and Stanyslav Klykh to 22.5 years and 20 years in prison, respectively, for murdering Russian soldiers in Chechnya in 1994-5 at the session on October 26.

Savchenko arrived in Moscow, Russia to support Karpiuk and Klykh on October 26.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, MP Ivan Krulko (Batkivschyna) on December 12 said that Savchenko had quit the Batkivschyna party.

Before, Batkivschyna said that Savchenko was not coordinating her actions with the political force.

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) was verifying the reports on Savchenko's meeting with militant leaders Alexander Zakharchenko and Igor Plotnitsky in Minsk, Belarus.

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