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UPCOMING EVENTS, Friday: Security Service Leaders Briefing Press On Counter-Sabotage And -Espionage Efforts In

UPCOMING EVENTS, Friday: Security Service Leaders Briefing Press On Counter-Sabotage And -Espionage Efforts In Crimea

Friday, at 11:00, leaders of the Security Service of Ukraine are briefing the press on counter-sabotage and -espionage efforts in the Russia-occupied Crimea.

At 09:00, is opening the conference entitled "Purchasing medicaments in Ukraine 2016" and organized by the United Nations Development Programme.

At 10:00, Acting Minister of Healthcare Uliyana Suprun, Head of the State E-Government Agency Oleksandr Ryzhenko and Member of the Board of the Ukrainian Family Medicine Association Vladyslav Odrinskyi are giving a press conference on occasion of signing the memorandum of intent of cooperation in building a transparent and effective online public health system in Ukraine.

At 10:00, Chairman of the State Fiscal Service Roman Nasirov, Deputy Chair of the State Food Safety and Consumer Protection Service Liliay Styrenko and Acting Chair of the State Intellectual Property Service Antonina Malysh are participating in a European Business Association meeting on the ways of unshadowing the Ukrainian economy.

At 11:00, Minister of Finance Oleksandr Danyliuk, Chairman of the Board of State Savings Bank Oschadbank Andrii Pyshnyi and Managing Director for Eastern Europe and the Caucasus at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) Francis Malige are giving a press conference on the start of strategic cooperation between Oschadbank and EBRD.

The Sviatoshynskyi District Court of Kyiv at 13:00 is questioning former President Viktor Yanukovych and former Commander of the Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Stanyslav Shuliak via video link.

At 14:00, the Podilskyi District Court of Kyiv is trying the case in which Yurii Syrotiuk, Member of the Kyiv City Council and the chairman of the Svoboda All-Ukrainian Association faction, and 14 more persons charged with involvement in the August 31, 2015 riots outside the Verkhovna Rada house.

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