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Vadym Karasiov: no conspiracy theories, the British Court Found For Zlochevskyi

Vadym Karasiov: no conspiracy theories, the British Court Found For Zlochevskyi

British Court Dismisses All Charges Against Nikolay Zlochevskyi and His Company

The case against Nikolay Zlochevskyi, owner of the largest gas producer of Ukraine Burisma Group, has been finally closed. The businessman has been removed from the wanted list; after all charges against Zlochevskyi were dropped in the British court, and the consistent decision was taken by the Kiev Pechersk court, the Prosecutor General’s Office (PGO) and the Ministry of Internal Affairs don’t have any claims against him, reports TV channel "112 Ukraine".

According to John Buretta, former U.S. Deputy Assistant Attorney General, Burisma counsel, actions of the PGO and those of the Ukrainian court are clear evidence of Ukraine’s commitment to the rule of law and due process - twin pillars of democracy.

Moreover, the Ukrainian court decision on Nikolay Zlochevskyi’s case is fully consistent with the decision taken by the U.K. court almost two years ago, in January 2015. After considering Nikolay Zlocheskyi’s activities in Ukraine from 2002 until 2014, the British court ruled in favor of Nikolay Zlochevskyi and obliged the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) to pay the defendant’s costs.

The well-known political exert Vadym Karasiov confirmed information that Nikolay Zlochevskyi was removed from the international wanted list pursuant to the British Court decision.

"Different conspiracy theories can be made up, but the British court is the British court, whether we like it or not. A more “unbiased” court than the British one, simply does not exist. In addition, the British court adjudicated to pay Zlochevsky’s attorneys, his defendants, the costs they spent on litigation", noted Vadym Karasiov.

The expert also commented on the Zlochevskyi’s case on his Facebook page.

On the Zlochevskyi’s removal from wanted list

We can argue a lot who is right and who is wrong. Such disputes are often subjective, which means that the rules of the game, which are accepted by and working for everyone, don’t exist. But I don’t think that the British court didn’t manage to find any criminal wrongdoing over a nine-month period of proceedings, if there really was one.

The British law system has always been beyond doubt or suspicion in terms of impartiality of adjudicated decisions.

If the British court ruled in favor of Zlochevskyi and compensated the defendant’s costs (i.e Zlochevskyi’s costs), then the grounds for the charges were insufficient, and their nature was rather political than criminally motivated. By the way, this story started back in 2014 (that’s why the 2014 PGO is more responsible for this case that the current one), and only now it has been put to an end in Great Britain. That’s why our Prosecutor General’s Office satisfied the court's decision and removed Zlochevskyi from the wanted list.

At the same time, Zlochevskyi’s company - Burisma - has been a diligent taxpayer (by the end of the year Burisma is going to transfer more than UAH 2 billion to the State budget of Ukraine), which proves the fact of its transparency.

The PGO’s actions are considered lawful in both the USA and Ukraine. The British defenders also found no criminal wrongdoing in the actions of Mr. Zlochevskyi.

 “I have worked very closely with Nikolay Zlochevskyi and his entire legal team for years defending him against the unsubstantiated accusations presented in the UK. The U.K. judicial system found for Nikolay Zlochevskyi and I am very pleased to see that the Ukrainian judicial system appears to be moving in the same direction”, noted Monty Raphael QC, Nikolay Zlochevskyi’s UK counsel.

The largest Ukrainian gas producer Burisma Group, whose president and owner is Nikolay Zlochevskyi, has been open for cooperation with the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine. Burisma is the first company in oil and gas sector that maintained an open dialogue with the PGO, having proved its transparency.

Over the past two years, the company has paid more than UAH 5 billion to the budgets of all levels. And this year, the company expects government tax revenues to exceed UAH 2 billion. Burisma Group is ranked among top taxpayers in the Ukrainian market.


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