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SBU: Militants Plotted Terror Attack On Moscow - Larnaca Plane AFL-2074 On July 17

SBU: Militants Plotted Terror Attack On Moscow - Larnaca Plane AFL-2074 On July 17

The SBU chief says the rebels made a mistake when shot down the Malaysia Airlines plane.

(Ukrainian News, Yulia Struk, 08/07/2014) The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) says pro-Russia militants were plotting a terror attack on an Aeroflot (Russia) civilian airplane AFL-2074, which was following the route from Moscow to Larnaca on July 17, SBU Chairman Valentyn Nalyvaichenko has told a news briefing.

"This would have enabled the Russian Federation to accuse the Ukrainian authorities of destroying a Russian plane, Russian citizens, and would have become an indisputable excuse for bringing Russian troops into Ukraine's territory," stressed Nalyvaichenko.

The SBU chief says the rebels made a mistake when shot down the Malaysia Airlines plane.

"Law-enforcement and intelligence agencies of Ukraine have found out during the investigation into the act of terrorism on the Boeing... that on that very day, July 17, military mercenaries and terrorists from the Russian Federation were plotting to carry a terror attack on an Aeroflot passenger airplane, the flight following the Moscow to Larnaca route," said Nalyvaichenko.

"This cynical terror attack was plotted, right when the [Malaysia Airlines] plane was flying at the same time and on the same day, plotted by military criminals as an excuse for the Russian Federation's further military entry, which means a casus belli took place," he stressed.

Moreover, Nalyvaichenko underlined that terrorists were preparing for the Russian Armed Forces' incursion into Ukraine right after the terror attack on July 17 and 18.

"With assent of the investigation we also prove and plainly say that namely on July 17 and after that on July 18 terrorist chieftains were anticipating entrance of the Russian Federation's Armed Forces. Namely for July 18 they were plotting now military entry and abetting now foreign occupation forces in the territory of Luhansk Region and Donetsk Region," the SBU chief underscored.

As to him, one of the terrorist leaders Bezler aka Bes [Unclean Spirit] after the terror attack was summoned to Russia for interrogation.

The SBU in turn demands interrogation of the persons who summoned him.

Nalyvaichenko notes, the routes of Malaysia Airlines MAS17 and Aeroflot АFL-2074 international flights were passing close to Donetsk, at 16:09 in the area of locality Novomykolaivka routes of the said flights crossed: the Malaysian plane was flying at the altitude 10,100m at the speed 909 km/h and the Russian at 10,600m at the speed 768 km/h.

The SBU chide recalls, according to the intercepted and made public data on placement of the Buk surface-to-air missile system, terrorists were ordered to deploy the system near the locality Pervomaiske, but there is also a locality with the same name 20km north-east of Donetsk.

Nalyvaichenko says terrorists, most of whom are not locals, confused localities with identical names and moved in the opposite direction.

He explains, placing the Buk system in the locality Pervomaiske namely west of Donetsk, considering military characteristics of the weaponry, could allow hitting the Russian civil aircraft with its subsequent downfall on the Ukrainian territory, controlled by the anti-terror operation forces.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, experts with the international mission have ended stage one of the search work on the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crash impact site in Donetsk Region.

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