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Ukraine in brief. Friday, June 27

Ukraine in brief. Friday, June 27

Currency problems in Crimea, dissolution of local administrations, association agreement, visa-free regime, UNESCO: World Heritage Sites in Crimea belong to Ukraine

08:33 Kyiv-based MTS-Ukraine telecommunications operator says it has problems in Crimea in connection with the termination of hryvnia circulation in the region, press service of the operator said.

Besides, due to the limitation of hryvnia circulation in Crimea, the MTS-Ukraine has difficulties with settling accounts, payments to partners and employees of the company.

The company also notes that currently there are cases when employees resign from its Crimean branch in connection with the difficulties encountered in the payments of salaries.

MTS-Ukraine also gives its employees willing to leave Crimea, Donetsk and Luhansk regions an opportunity to obtain job in its business units in other cities of Ukraine.

MTS-Ukraine had expressed intention to continue operation in Crimea.

Previously, MTS-Ukraine reported stable work in Crimea.

The 100-percent stake in the company belongs to Mobile TeleSystems (Russia).


11:30 President Petro Poroshenko has suggested that the Verkhovna Rada disband regional and district state administrations, reads the draft law No. 4178а 'On introduction of amendments to Ukrainian Constitution' registered in the Parliament on June 26.

The authority to render executive power is to be shifted to executive bodies of district and regional councils.

At the same time, presidential envoys will work both in the regions and districts.

At that decisions of envoys and local governments that are not in line with Ukrainian Laws can be cancelled by the head of the state, and such decisions will be ground for early dismissal of envoys and respective bodies.

The draft law also envisions withdrawal of a term under which the state takes part in formation of local budgets, however, it provides for retention of an item on state's compensation of costs resulted from decisions of the state authorities.


11:59 Ukraine and the European Union have signed the economic part of the association agreement.

The signing ceremony took place in Brussels (Belgium) on Friday, June 27.

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, European Council's President Herman Van Rompuy, European Commission's President Jose Manuel Barroso and heads of states and governments of EU member countries signed the document.

Before signing the agreement, Poroshenko had noted: "I will sign the association agreement using this ball pen with an inscription on it saying ''EU-Ukraine, Association. Vilnius. November 29, 2013.' It did happen then, however, the ball pen remained. It shows that real historic events are inevitable," he noted.

The agreement envisions creation of free trade area between Ukraine and the EU, cancellation or reduction of import duties by the both of the aperies for over 95% commodity items.

At that Ukraine will reduce the duties gradually.

Besides, the agreement envisions additional measures on protection of domestic car and clothes markets, as well as decision of the EU to terminate using of export subsidies during the trade in farm produce with Ukraine.

Ukraine is committed to in 10 years abolish export duties on trade with the EU, including oilseeds, leather, metal, and natural gas.

In addition, Ukraine should refrain from using them about three thousand geographical indications, including some of those that are now used by Ukrainian producers (e.g., brandy, champagne).

As compensation, Ukraine agreed on the ten-year transition period and the possibility of applying the compensation package aimed at creating conditions for the modernization of enterprises, which are influenced by change in the system of protection of geographical indications and promotion of Ukrainian products under new brands to EU markets.

The agreement contains a list of directives and other legal acts of the European Union, the provisions of which will be incorporated in the Ukrainian legislation.

The document also provides a clear timeline of harmonization, which allows monitoring the implementation of commitments.

On March 21, Ukraine and EU signed political part of the association agreement.

Then during the signature of the document Ukraine was represented by Prime Minister Arsenii Yatseniuk.


12:22 European Council's President Herman Van Rompuy and European Commission's President Jose Manuel Barroso say that the European Union will support Ukraine after the signature of the association agreement.

They said that at the ceremony of signing the association agreements with Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova.

They said that visa-free regime with Ukraine will soon be introduced.

According to the report, Ukraine needs development of partnership between the Government, opposition and the society to successfully implement reforms.

Barroso noted that the signature of the association agreement is only the beginning of comprehensive co-operation between Ukraine and the EU.


13:41 The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural organization (UNESCO) asserts that the World Heritage Sites in Crimea belong to Ukraine, Deputy Culture Minister Olesia Ostrovska-Liuta has told a news conference.

She says the UNESCO will send an observation missions to Crimea to inspect objects of cultural heritage.

The Culture Ministry begs the UNESCO to help preserve inviolability of the Taurida Chersonesus in Crimea.


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