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Top stories of the day. Monday, June 23

Top stories of the day. Monday, June 23

Peaceful plan realization, gas talks with Russia, reverse gas supplies, visa liberalization process for Ukraine

16:37. Former President Leonid Kuchma, Russia's Ambassador to Ukraine Mikhail Zurabov and Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe Ambassador Heidi Tagliavini are discussing implementation of the peaceful plan on Monday in Donetsk, Ukrainian News learned from a statement made by the presidential press service.

It notes, Kuchma's participation in this meeting was initiated by President Petro Poroshenko.

The purpose of the meeting is to define steps of realization of the President's peace plan of handling the situation in eastern Ukraine.

It underlines, since the seizure of regional divisions of the National Bank of Ukraine and the State Treasury Poroshenko gave an order to ensure social payments via Kyiv.

The President of Ukraine also pronounced confidence that in the event of buildings of the regional offices of the NBU and State Treasury are freed and seizures of cash-in-transit vehicles cease, social payments will resume at the local level.

Russia has preliminary estimated Poroshenko's proposals on settlement of the situation in Luhansk Region and Donetsk Region as ultimatum to separatists.

16:47. Naftogaz of Ukraine national joint-stock company Chief Executive Officer Andrii Kobolev thinks it is possible to resume gas talks with Russia in July, he has told a news conference.

"The talks [between Ukraine and Russia on gas] may resume in July," he said.

Kobolev notes, the talks will be tri-party, with Ukraine, Russia and the European Union.

In his words, President Vladimir Putin of Russia also says the negotiations may be held in July.

Kobolev emphasizes, Ukraine is prepared to hold talks with Russia.

On June 20 Naftogaz and the European Union confirmed preparedness for continuing the trilateral talks with Russia.

16:49. The Council of the European Union has approved second phase of the visa liberalization process for Ukraine, read Council conclusions on Ukraine following the Foreign Affairs Council meeting in Luxembourg on June 23, 2014.

The EU Council welcomes the European Commission's fourth progress report of May 27, 2014 on the implementation of the action plan on visa liberalization by Ukraine.

"The Council shares the analysis that Ukraine has fulfilled all the benchmarks under the first phase of the Visa Liberalization Action Plan and decides to launch the assessment of the benchmarks under the second phase. It stresses the need for full and effective implementation of all benchmarks during the second phase," it said.

The EU Council reiterates the EU's commitment to enhance people-to-people contacts between the citizens of the European Union and Ukraine, i.a. through the visa liberalization process in a secure and well managed environment and provided all conditions are met, in line with agreed conditions in the framework of the Visa Liberalization Action Plan.

Ukraine anticipated the EU Council to proceed to second phase of the visa liberalization process on June 23.

Ambassador Jan Tombinski, the Head of the European Union Delegation in Ukraine, pointed to the EU member-states' positive attitude towards second phase of the visa liberalization process for Ukraine.

17:13. Ukraine plans to hold another round of negotiations on reverse-flow supplies of gas from Europe via Slovakia on June 25 in Brussels, Belgium, Naftogaz of Ukraine national joint-stock company Chief Executive Officer Andrii Kobolev has told a news conference.

"We'll hold the next round of talks on gas imports via Slovakia on Wednesday [June 25]," he said.

In his words, during these talks they plan to discuss quicker start of gas supplies via Slovakia, and also organization of 'big reverse'.

Kobolev notes, the bridge pipeline, required for reverse-flow supplies of gas via Slovakia, has been already built.

Naftogaz CEO thinks supplies of gas from Europe through Slovakia are possible even from September 1 on.

Moreover, at the talks they will be discussing issues of engaging European companies in managing and modernizing the Ukrainian gas transport system.

"Big European companies, as well as the European Commission, show interest in taking part in managing and modernizing the Ukrainian gas transport system," Kobolev said.

He says European companies have many questions of legal and business nature, specifically about the amount of gas transit through Ukraine should the South Stream project be realized.

Ukraine plans to reach capacity of reverse-flow supplies of natural gas from Europe 18-20 billion cubic meters a year by September 1.

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