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​Poroshenko Approves New Wording Of Military Doctrine

​Poroshenko Approves New Wording Of Military Doctrine

The new military doctrine of Ukraine defines the Russian Federation as a military enemy of Ukraine.

President Petro Poroshenko has enacted the decision of the National Security and Defense Council on approval of a new wording of the military doctrine, the press office of the president has reported.

"The military doctrine of Ukraine is based on the national security strategy of Ukraine and is the basic framework of defense planning, the development of concepts, state programs of reforming and modernizing the Armed Forces, other military formations, weapons, military equipment, and the military-industrial complex," the press-release noted.

The new military doctrine of Ukraine defines the Russian Federation as a military enemy of Ukraine and does not rule out high probability of large-scale military operations against Ukraine as the main threat to this country's national security in the military sphere.

The doctrine confirms the abandonment of the policy of non-alignment, and restoration of the strategic Euro-Atlantic integration process; defines the characteristics of an armed conflict in Ukraine, including those instigated by foreign countries; considers the increasing role of information and psychological operations.

In addition, it stresses the need of improving the system of preparations for mobilization, mobilization itself, and a substantial increase in the professional component in the Armed Forces and other military formations; formulates measures for defense preparations to restore the national sovereignty and territorial integrity, as well as challenges the development of Ukraine's security and defense potential as a necessary condition to repulse armed aggression.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, Poroshenko was insisting on the inclusion of the task on achievement of the membership of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) into the final wording of the military doctrine.

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